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Writer—Designer—Creative Technologist—Strategist—Communicator—Futurist—Researcher—World Builder—Poet—Filmmaker
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I have long been interested in esoteric healing practices, especially those related to physics—such as the way that acupuncture might target electrical channels in the body or how contemporary homeopathy assumes to target the human energy field. While we have long designed chemical and biological medicines, we have had limited success harnessing the energy of the electromagnetic spectrum. Project Health is a speculative exploration of a new healing modality that harnesses light and sound to heal the sicknesses of the digital age.
Project Health Explainer
TouchDesigner, Lumen Video Synthesizer

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Fear of being watched; Allergies silicon, animal dander; Dreams eating glass; Modalities 9–11 p.m.

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Allergies dust mites; Cravings smoked foods; Dreams of work; Aversion flickering screens
Select Materia Medica

Allergies pollens; Dreams of being lost; Exhaustion screens; Bloating after exertion; Modalities right sided.