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Writer—Designer—Creative Technologist—Strategist—Communicator—Futurist—Researcher—World Builder—Poet—Filmmaker
Augmented Reality  Blender  C#  Cinema 4D  DepthKit  Drone Photography  Generative AI  GLSL  Lens Studio  Mixed Reality  Motion Graphics  P5JS  Photogrammetry Physical Computing  Premiere Pro  Processing   OBS  RunwayML  Shaders  TouchDesigner  Video Editing  Virtual Reality  Volumetric Capture  Unity   


MOMEX is a speculative interface for storing, replaying, and sharing momes—moments and memories crafted into 3D augmented reality. The project illustrates holistic mixed-reality interventions that engage us in emotional and psychological ways, whether for healing or for forging deeper connections with digital worlds and the people that inhabit them.
The story of mOMEX

Unity, Shaders, C#, Cinema 4D, Blender, Photogrammetry, Drone Photography, Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Volumetric Capture, DepthKit, RunwayML
Sample MOMES