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Writer—Designer—Creative Technologist—Strategist—Communicator—Futurist—Researcher—World Builder—Poet—Filmmaker
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Named after Memex, Vannevar Bush’s 1939 proposal for an electromechanical information storage and retrieval devce, MOMEX is a speculative interface for storing, replaying, and sharing momes—moments and memories crafted into 3D augmented reality.

Many of the experiences designed today for augmented and mixed reality rely on spectacle—whether for gaming or entertainment—or perform a didactic function as enhanced wall text for exhibitions or for wayfinding through public spaces. In contrast, this project illustrates holistic mixed-reality interventions that engage us in emotional and psychological ways, whether for healing or for forging deeper connections with digital worlds and the people that inhabit them.

Like natural memories in the brain, momes might be functional: instructional details or steps in a process, such as the recall of a recipe or a workout. They might be mnemonic images that remind us of personal or cultural rituals or they might be diaries of the self. Or momes might be extended emotional narratives that enable the recollection of cherished moments or the processing of difficult or traumatic experiences. 
The story of mOMEX
(a MOMEX client seeks treatment from his apothecARy to deal with sleepless nights after a breakup.)

MOMeX experience: Letting Go
Viewed through the meta quest 3

Unity, Shaders, C#, Cinema 4D, Blender, Photogrammetry, Drone Photography, Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Volumetric Capture, DepthKit, RunwayML
Sample MOMES


The Occlusion Layer employs augmented reality’s ability to reveal immersive visual and sound experiences to enable the exploration of hidden histories of Los Angeles, which are occluded by plaques throughout the city. Through the Snapchat app or Snap Spectacles, viewers of The Occlusion Layer will discover AR “floats” made of paper that represent key moments of hidden LA history.
The Occlusion Layer Explainer
Lens Studio, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Photogrammetry

1871 Chinese Massacre Plaque AR Experience Demo
Chavez Ravine Crepe Flowers
Black Cat Protest Signs


By attempting to make digital video feel more tactile, I have developed a new approach to a holographic style of 3D, which I call "lenticular video." While the examples of lenticular video shown in my portfolio are crafted through layering and editing, I am currently prototyping both software and hardware approaches to automating it, whether for conducting digital conversations or for presenting dimensionality of objects in a low-cost way.

(Base ASMR video taken from IlaMos ASMR)
OBS, Motion Graphics, After Effects, RunwayML, Twitch

Union Conversation
Union Conversation
Lenticular Headshot
Lenticular Headshot


I have long been interested in esoteric healing practices, especially those related to physics—such as the way that acupuncture might target electrical channels in the body or how contemporary homeopathy assumes to target the human energy field. While we have long designed chemical and biological medicines, we have had limited success harnessing the energy of the electromagnetic spectrum. Project Health is a speculative exploration of a new healing modality that harnesses light and sound to heal the sicknesses of the digital age.
Project Health Explainer
TouchDesigner, Lumen Video Synthesizer

Select Materia Medica

Fear of being watched; Allergies silicon, animal dander; Dreams eating glass; Modalities 9–11 p.m.

Select Materia Medica

Allergies dust mites; Cravings smoked foods; Dreams of work; Aversion flickering screens
Select Materia Medica

Allergies pollens; Dreams of being lost; Exhaustion screens; Bloating after exertion; Modalities right sided.